Divine Item: Thieves' Dagger

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The Thieves' Dagger (aka the Seeker)

Rather unremarkable in appearance, the Thieves' Dagger is a simple-looking ceremonial blade. The blade, hilt, and handle are all one piece, as though someone created it from a mould. It is made entirely of silver. Set in the pommel is a blue stone, and the handle is wrapped in a white leather thong.

Given to Koryn Perinse by the god Erucor himself, the Thieves' Dagger was a prized gift. It was never made to harm another, but to act as a compass. An already infamous thief and leader of a group of rogues mockingly dubbed the 'Knights', Koryn's treasure trove and reputation grew to even greater heights with the aid of the Dagger. Legend has it that one day he asked the dagger to find what would make him happiest, and he walked off in the direction the Dagger led him, leaving his men and reputation behind him.

The dagger's abilities are somewhat limited by its wielder's imagination. It can act as a compass, holding the weapon out in front of you on the palm of your hand, willing it 'point' the way. It can also be used to scry by putting it in a bowl of water and concentrating on what you wish to 'find'. The dagger also has some water-related abilities.

[I know I said the stones themselves were what are most important, but the items as a whole are what is passed down in terms of knowledge and such.]


  1. Neat. I can see why you Taichara "hang out" together on the web, as both of you have a very "literary" feel to your magic.

    When the dagger points the way, does it point to true north, or magnetic north, or back home or what?

  2. It points toward whatever you're searching for. If it happens to be home, then it point you toward your home. Think Capt Jack Sparrow's compass on Pirates. Except... It's not neccesarily your 'heart's desire' you're looking for.