Divine Item: Hermits' Companion

[Okay, so creative spurts coincide with insomnia.. That's not a major issue... Right?]

The Hermits' Companion (aka the Prophet)

A short ash wood staff, gnarled at the top, and bearing simplistic designs down its length. Nestled in the twisted top is a shiny black stone, hugged tightly in the wood as if it had grown up around it slightly. Where the hands of its owners have rested has been worn away by time to form a smooth grip.

Given to Miran by the god T'mdeu himself, the Hermits' Companion was a prized gift. It was made to grant the loneliest of hermits with some form of companionship. Miran, while well known amongst his people, was virtually unknown by the other races until he was gifted with the ash wood staff and its abilities. Legend has it that when Miran passed on, T'mdeu reclaimed the staff.

The staff's abilities relate to the gods themselves and Time. The bearer can 'see' the gods even when hiding in their physical forms and their 'footprints' left on people and places. The bearer is also the receiver of prophesies, and can commune with the spirits of the dead. Whispers of other abilities abound, but none but T'mdeu know the true extent of the staff's power.

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