God/dess Artifacts

They're a series of stones embedded into a variety of objects, one for every god and goddess. Each has a different color assigned to them as well. The corresponding colors, deity, and object are as follows...

T'mdeu- Black- Ashwood Staff
Matromni- Green- Silver Caging (decorated with leaves of ivy)
Erucor- Blue- Silver Dagger
H'sria- Violet- [undecided]
Nefitia- Red- Silver Amulet
D'vicus- White- White Leather Belt
Caema- Yellow- Silver Ring
Eracae- Pink- Silver Armlet
Remio- Clear (think prisms, though)- Ashwood Peace Pipe
Felus- Gold- Silver Diadem
Argentis- Silver- Silver Hammer

Oranne- Light Blue- Ashwood Harp
Ry'monn- Dark Red (Maroon?)- [undecided]
Thorn- Light Green- Pendant
Gera- Lavender- Choker
Zeke- Grey- [undecided]
Sifiro- Shimmer (think Opal)- [undecided]
Mirilo- Blue-Black- [undecided]
Myron- Orange- Right Earring
Camri- Cream- Left Earring
Jude- Brown- Silver Flask

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