Divine Item: Saints' Girdle

[Ok. I'm in a terribly creative mood but I need to vent something first. A good venting, honest! My mother got a tattoo last night, on her left shoulder blade. Of a unicorn stuffy. That I drew! My little sister (aged 18) is a budding tattoo artist, and normally tattoos her own art on people. But that particular drawing I had done for mom on Mother's Day (she collects unicorns), last year. I was really happy that she liked my picture enough to get it tattooed on herself. And a real surprise that she trusted my sister enough to do it. Mind you, I'm not much of an artist. My talents are more in the area of writing... Except for the little animal things I do. But then, I worked hard to make them as cute as I could. End rant. Lol.]

The Saints' Girdle (aka the Blessed)

A snow-white belt of the softest leather, in its simplicity the Saints' Girdle is elegance personified (Er... Itemfied?). Around the edging is a thin silver thread that outlines the belt and gives it a distinctly unique feel. Centered on the front of the belt is a milky white stone that shines like an opal and is held down by a silver setting.

Given to Drianne Halcyonn by the god D'vicus himself, the Saints' Girdle was a prized gift. It was made so that even the worse of pain could be lessened amongst man. Drianne had been an admired cleric of the Temple, and rose to greater admiration with the abilities granted to her by the belt. Legend has it she passed it on to another, then disappeared into obscurity.

The belt's abilities lay within the realm of healing. The bearer of the belt's healing abilities are enhanced, allowing him or her to expend more energy than they previously could. In addition to this, the bearer possesses a sense of 'other worldliness' that catches the attention of any in the same room as him or her. If the belt has any other abilities, they are kept secret by the Temple and its denizens.

[Ok.. When I first came up with the name, it made me giggle. Immature, I know. But I couldn't help it! Girdle... *snickers*]

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