Divine Item: Dreamers' Pipe

The Dreamers' Pipe (aka the Mentor)

A long, wooden pipe made of ash with a section that twists gracefully. Within the twisted portion of the pipe rests a prism-like stone. The intricate designs etched into the wood are careful and precise. The wood has been worn smooth by time and years of loving care.

Given to a wise man of the name T'balt by the god Remio himself, the Dreamers' Pipe was a prized gift. It was made so that the wonders of the Grand Library and the dream realm would be shared with mankind. T'balt was a shaman of some renown, and his ownership of the pipe hardly changed that. Legend has it that T'balt left the pipe in the care of his people when he passed away.

The pipe's abilities are tied to that of the dream realm. Smoking from the pipe allows one to enter the dream realm with intent, or allows access to the Grand Library and all of its knowledge. In addition to this, the actual bearer of the pipe can read and write any language, but not speak it. The pipe has several other abilities related to dreams and such.


  1. This one is definitely interesting -- though, a question. Is one entering the dream realm mentally or physically?

  2. Kind of a mix of both, what ever happens to their body there, happens to their body where ever it is and vice versa.