NPC: Cherrie

[I just couldn't resist putting her up. She's my favorite character really.]


A small human girl of about 15 years stands before you. Her skin is darkly tanned and her hair blond. Her green eyes sparkle with some private joke. Her body is lean and fit, the body type that women can get only through hard exersise before their body fills out later in life. She's wearing a maroon shirt laced up the front, and dark brown leggings that fall just short of her knees. Adding to her height are gently heeled boots, again laced up the front. Her voice is confident and clear as she holds her hands in greeting and says, "Graven, adventurers. I am Cherrie Thyme."

Her class is that of Monk, and her race is human. She is a Traveler, the seabound gypsies. She is also a Seer, her skills inherited from her mother Lilly Tenri. She carries a longsword, but it is only for show and sometimes to hide her true skills.

[Note: 'Graven is a greeting/farewell in the Old Tongue.]

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