Divine Item: Mages' Guide

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The Mages' Guide (aka The Guardian)

As plain as it is ancient, the Mages' Guide is a silver necklace. In the pendant hanging from the chain is a red stone, bound firmly by its silver caging. There is no clasp on the necklace, simply it is large enough to slip over one's head.

Given to Isha Delfry Magistire by the goddess Nefitia herself, the Mages' Guide was a prized gift. It was made to enhance a mage's capabilities, and provide protection when needed. Already a mage of some renown, Isha's knowledge of things Arcane and Ancient was furthered with the amulet's aid. Legend has it that she passed it on to her apprentice when he was ready, and so it has been passed since.

The necklace acts like a never full spell book, storing the knowledge of its previous owners. When 'searching' the contents, the owner must have some idea of their target. It can also have five spells set to fire at will (limited to low-med level spells). The necklace also has some fire-related abilities.

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