Lol... I never did introduce myself... Just realized that.

I'm doing this now simply because it'll bug me if I don't, especially since I realized that.

My name is Jessica, but most of my friends call me Meep or Meeps (nickname from highschool that never went away). I'm 19, soon to be 20! I'm in college, working on becoming an art teacher and eventually getting my PhD in Sociology. I have a pet cat named Mouse (ironic, yes) and a pet snake named Gemini. Oh, and occasionally a pet mouse when my snake doesn't eat it right away. I always name them Lucky...

I'm nerdy, obviously. But I'm a late comer to said nerdyness, before I was just a book-loving tomboy. I have six piercings and two tattoos, which no, have nothing to do with video games or rpgs. I've been told I'm horribly witty and sarcastic, which I suppose is another way of being told I'm a smartass with a smart mouth. Lol. Oh, and I've been told I don't look at all like a typical female nerd, aside from the glasses.