Divine Item: Diplomats' Accord

The Diplomats' Accord (aka the Whisperer)

A silver ring with delicate etchings of wings and feathers in the band with a center piece stone of sunniest yellow. Indeed it seems to shine with the sun's light on occasion. Such a delicate looking ring, it does not appear to be made for human fingers.

Given to Larianna Davenport by the goddess Caema herself, the Diplomats' Accord was a prized gift. It was made so that one would help settle the disputes of the land between the many races and nations. Already widely known as a gentle and understanding soul, Larianna became even more well known as a respected diplomat and ambassador. Legend has it that Larianna died a quiet death amongst her people and the ring was buried with her.

The ring's abilities lay within the realms of communication and being. The bearer can communicate with any creature, so long as he or she believes they can. Whilst wearing it, the bearer can also allow themselves to fade into the background of a setting and become less noticeable. If the Diplomats' Accord has other abilities, knowledge of them died with Larianna.

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