After Many Random Happenings...

[Which includes going to the goth club, being kidnapped to a friend's house an hour south of here, taking a chunk out of one of my toes (I trippped over a f*cking brick), swimming twice, going home for a night, then getting kidnapped again but to a friend's house an hour north this time, going to the goth club again, and finally getting home last night...

I am soooo ready to stay home for the next week or so. Never again will I complain of being stuck at home with nothing to do. ><


The basis of my DnD campaign is actually derived from a story I've been writing. I won't go in to detail on that in particular, mostly because it's still in the makings. But one idea in the story is that each god and goddess in my pantheon created an item as a sort of 'gift' to the world. These items are what set off the story line in my writings, and I kind of want to do something similar in my campaign.

Potential Issues I See...

-jealousy over a person having one? (sadly each item has two requirements to use, unique to each item. I don't see all the players being able to use one.)

-item over powering? (I've been tweaking around with each item, trying to find things that work and are special, but don't make it too powerful.)

-players not recognizing the item for its origin and possibly selling? (easily fixed by a knowledgable person, but then comes in the greed and such... Hmmm... Plot line? Lol...)

-players fighting eachother over it? (I really don't want that to happen, but I see it as a possibility. Of course... They're all old enough and should act like adults... ><)


  1. It's certainly interesting that you point out jealousy has a potential issue that might arise, which implies some sort of fairness. I didn't realize you were female until reading this, actually; most male gamers would rarely, if ever, bring up the concern.

  2. Great ideas here.

    An approach I'd consider taking to both solve the problem of a PC trying to sell their item and have it so that only one PC has an item is to borrow a page from Call of Cthulhu and kick the whole campaign off with a PC inheriting said item.

    I'd have it come from a distant uncle who the PC doesn't even remember meeting and who was a bit of a black sheep adventurer. The item would be kind of unassuming at first--maybe have a couple minor, obvious powers, but the fun of the campaign would center around figuring out the limits of what this thing could do.

    As for the other PCs, they'd be friends and relations of the item-bearing PC who get drawn into events when their friend/relation suddenly becomes the center of a firestorm as mysterious cults and other random assassins start gunning for him/her in an effort to steal this seemingly innocuous item.

  3. @Brad- Really? I'd always thought the way I talked about things gave away my gender. But fairness is a bit of an issue to me, particularly when it upsets my friends. *sigh*

    @sir larkins- I never actually got to play CoC, but I hear it was a great game. That definately sounds like a possibility I can use. I'm waiting to hear from some of my players as to which way they plan on going with their characters.