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Monster: Pantalon

Pantalon are an ethereal group of Demons belonging to the upperclasses. Why they are held to such esteem is a secret known only to other Demons. Speculation and educated guessing however, leads one to believe they know something particularly detrimental to the other Demons. An easily guessed matter given that common knowledge pins Pantalon as gathers of information. Very logical in nature, but their biggest downfall is that of obsession. They frequently become obsessive about one thing or another (i.e. a person or place). When talking about their race or self, they refer to themselves as a whole rather than an idividual. Why this is, none have revealed. If a Pantalon has a name, it was given to them by someone else and they only give it when pressed for a name.

They look like ghostly lions, except for their lack of a mane and hind legs. Their body simply becomes a thick 'tail' of sorts. They are an ethereal creature and are treated like the ghosts of 3.5e.

(I have yet to figure out exact statistics. And the paper I had some of those on is currently misplaced... I have to go searching....)

As an Antisocial Young Adult...

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Magik Item: Stone of Security

An adaptation of the Rod of Security from the 3.5e Dungeon Master's Guide.

Edward Perinse received an odd-looking rock as part of an inheritance from his father. It was about the size of a fist and colored a dull-looking red. He remembered watching his father poke and prod at it for hours trying to uncover any secrets it held. Edward had always thought his father mad for wasting his time on a rock. Until he learned two important facts upon receiving it when his father passed. The first was that it belonged to his ancestor, the notorious Black-Handed Knight and famed thief, Koryn Perinse. The second was that this rock was supposedly the key to his treasure trove.

No longer doubting his father's sanity, he began spending his free time examining the stone. Frustrated beyond belief one day, he smacked the stone hard against the wooden surface of his desk. Thoroughly caught off guard, he was teleported into a chamber filled with random junk. He had found out how to activate the damned thing.

The Stone of Security has a Will Saving Throw of DC16 for unwilling travelers, unless they're keyed to the stone. Keying people to the stone requires that the wielder be a spell caster, and for him or her to know the targets relatively well. In that case, the DC changes to 21.

The target(s) is teleported to a mini dungeon of 10 rooms. Once used a large storage space or hiding place, it is now used as an exam dungeon for the Ivory Tower, a place of learning for any who visit. Similar items have been known to exist, but none with so many rooms.

To leave, originally the person would have the stone and just have to smack it on a solid surface again. But when it was adapted to suit the Tower's needs, the stone teleports to the 'final' room for the exam takers to find and use to escape.


The Race of Elves

She stands before you, lithe and graceful. Standing just taller than the average Human, her build is actually somewhat slimmer. The dress clinging to her frame shows the slight angles and small curves of her body to great effect. Her face is schooled in a look of indifference and she gives no hint in her body language as to what she is thinking. Her skin is pale, standing in stark contrast to her raven-black hair. Her eyes are a dark shade of blue, similar to that of the night sky.

The Elves number amongst the greatest in terms of population. They can reach a height of roughly 6 1/2 feet in height, on average. They reach 'proper' adulthood around 90-100 years in age, although it varies at times. They can live far longer than the other races, except for the dragons, but do eventually die of old age.

Different Cultures/Sub races

L'qua V'ngenu~ are the most down-to-earth of the Elves. They tend to be more muscular than the other elves, apart from the Ma'rs, and darker in skin color as well. Their eyes usually tend to be blues and greys than the lavender the others can have. They live on the shores of lakes, and sometimes next to the ocean and seas. They are intricate crafters, creating all sorts of lovely pottery, baskets, etc. They live in houses made of mud and plants that look so natural that to realize they were houses, one would have to look rather close.

S'vatus V'ngenu~ are rather aloof and very much so less accepting of outsiders than their kin. They live deep in one of the largest forests on the planet, and as a result are rather intimately tied to the nature life around them. Many of them keep familiars or pets reguardless of their class or skills. Many have become vegatarians, but in spite of this, there are still great hunters amongst them. They live in and around the larger trees of the deepest, darkest parts of the forest. They have pale skin, dark hair, and tend to have either grey or lavender eyes.

Ma'rs V'ngenu~ are slightly shorter than the rest of their kin, and more muscular than even the L'qua. They live on the sides of mountains in houses that blend into their surroundings. They have pale skin, dark hair, and grey or lavender eyes. They craft light armor and some jewelry which tend to be magical in nature more than mundane, and more elaborate than practical. They have a group dedicated to training and flying rocs, as a result of this, they tend to have their fair share of travelers to and from far places. They're also more spread out than their kin.

L'anu V'ngenu~ are the most accepting of outsiders of the Elves, and live on a wide series of plains. In comparison to their kin, they tend to be more festive and less uptight. Their hair can be either dark or of medium tone, and their skin tends to be lightly tanned. Their eyes can be blue, grey, or lavender. Many of them are farmers and excellent hunters. Their houses are made to be partially underground. They're the Elves that assisted the Humans in their escape from near extinction.

Md'acti V'ngenu~ are members of the eldest territory to date of the Elves. Some of the oldest and most prominant bloodlines can be found amongst them. They're very mixed in terms of population of the various Elven cultures. They're the center of trade in the Elven societies as their laws prevent fighting of any sort. While not apposed to outsiders visiting, laws dictate that only an Elf of pure descent can settle and live in their territories.

Notes: the names won't be used by the general public, and most simply tend to think of the Elves as a whole. Only Elves differentiate between cultures on a regular basis. V'ngenu is an older term for Elves and is only used in formal terms.

Special Skills

Differ in cultures, except for some similarities. And those are based on the 3.5e description in the Player's Handbook.


Lesser Gods

These names aren't made up of different words and are a lot easier to pronounce. They still have their little titles though. These gods/goddesses I haven't been working on and refining nearly as long as I have the others, so there may be some things to fix.

Or'anne, Ry'monn, Jude, Thorn, Gera, Zeke, Sifiro, Mirilo, Myron, and Camri

Or'anne- She was created by Remio when he came across a series of books detailing Creation in the Grand Library. She appears slightly older than him, and treats him fondly as a little brother. She has long brown hair and hazel-colored eyes. She assists Remio in the Library and enjoys teasing him affectionately. Or'anne cannot stray far from Remio, lest she risk dissapation. When not in conversation with him, she has a very sad and quiet disposition. True Neutral, she is The Lost Soul. She presides over Music and Art. Her symbol is that of a plain, golden ring.

Ry'monn- He fell from his father's grace when he captured his twin, H'sria, and locked her away for his own pleasure. His appearance is that of a hunched, skeletal humanoid with a long tail ending in a scorpian-like stinger and long, wicked-looking claws. As punishment for his wrongdoings, he was sentanced to eternity serving under his twin. He loathes the other gods, and blames his father for his servitude. Chaotic Evil, he is The Imprisoned Tyrant. He lords over Disaster and Impurity. His symbol is that of a scorpian.

Jude- He is the son of D'vicus and Caema and values all forms of relaxation and entertainment, but knows that to partake, one must work for it. He often takes the form of a young, Human male wearing slightly outlandish outfits. He looks up to Erucor, seeing him as a much better person than his own father. He does not take kindly to authority and rules, but doesn't outwardly work at causing mayhem and trouble. He finds his mother to be, well, overly motherly, but is rather fond of her none the less. Chaotic Good, he is The Wandering Son. He lords over Drink and Harvest. His symbol is that of a plain mask.

Thorn- He is a white Dragon turned god, and assists Argentis in his forge. When humanoid in shape, he dons simple white-leather pants but chooses to walk barefoot. Hopelessly in love with Gera, he tries to win her affection repeatedly. He has wavey white hair that brushes his shoulders. In his reptillian form, he is large and white. Being a nonmetallic and ground Dragon, he is wingless. Lawful Neutral, he is The Unrequited Lover. He lords over Focus and Discipline. His symbol is that of a perfectly cut quartz.

Gera- She is a silver Dragon turned goddess, and assists Argentis in his forge. When humanoid in shape, she dons a simple, silver shift and chooses to walk barefoot. Oblivious to innuendos and sarcasm, she rarely gets any attempt at humor. Her curly grey hair is always loose, and falls nearly to her knees. Her innocense and beauty are valued and protected by the other gods and goddesses. Neutral Good, she is The Naive Beauty. She presides over Beauty and {undecided}. Her symbol is that of a folding fan (think those little folding fans from older days the ladies always used).

Zeke- He is both companion and friend to T'mdeu. He is considered to be the messenger of death to the more prominant and well-known of the races. He assumes the form of a large black raven, with a small patch of white on the left side of his neck. His favorite perch is the top of his friend's staff. He has a rather dry and sarcastic wit and has earned more than his fair share of glares from the other gods. Chaotic Neutral, he is The Beloved Companion. He lords over Travel and {undecided}. His symbol is that of a black feather.

Sifiro- He takes the form of a tall, shimmering humanoid with no distinct features, or that of a white house cat with black markings. He is a free spirit, but is usually rather calm and respectful, not out of necessity, but simply because. His sense of humor is rather odd, and he's very bad at making jokes or pulling pranks. He feels as though his brother's path is his fault and can be frequently found arguing with him. Chaotic Good, he is Refined Chaos. He lords over Aid and Magik. His symbol is that of a cat's eye.

Mirilo- He looks down upon his brother with disdain. His form is that of a short, rather muscular demon with coal black skin and short yellow horns on his forehead. His eyes are more of a golden color, and all his teeth are sharp and pointed. He has yellowed nails that come to a point, both on his hands and his feet. He dons nothing but a small wrap around his nether regions. Chaotic Evil, he is The Chaotic Void. He lords over Harm and Magik. His symbol is that of a black snake.

Myron- He assumes the form of a handsome, rather cocky, male. Supposedly assistant to Eracae, he prefers to spend his time amongst ladies. He is not above seducing and breaking hearts to get what he wants, when he wants it. However, he does respect Eracae and will not go against his/her direct will. He prefers to wear nothing but a flowing wrap about his waist and gold sandals. His eyes are a stunning shade of lavander. Lawful Evil, he is The Unchained Lover. He lords over Allure and Male. (This is not to insult men! Lol. Seriously. He just exudes maleness is all.) His symbol is that of an 'M'.

Camri- She appears as a delicate-looking young lady with an only slightly niave air about her. She is very firm in her opinions, but will listen kindly to others. She wears a light, summer-y dress and matching slippers. Another form she frequents is that of a slightly larger than average mouse. Her eyes are a striking blue-grey, and her hair is straight, blonde, and falls just a few inches short of her waist. Lawful Good, she is The Innocent Lover. She presides over Fertility and Female.


The Race of Humans

He stands before you, a slight smile playing across his lips. He is of average height and average build, though his skin is tanned and weather-worn from years of work under the sun. His hair is fair, bleached by the sun, and his eyes are a soft grey, the color of stormy clouds. His clothes are simple and neat, although perhaps a bit worn at the knees and elbows.

Humans are easily one of the most diverse races in their beliefs, personality, and looks. On average, they stand anywhere from 5 to 6 feet tall. They reach adulthood at 16, but aren't usually fully grown until 18 or so. They can live anywhere from 70 to over 100 years old.

Different Cultures/Sub races

Peasantry~ makes up the larger population of the Humans. They tend be rather tanned with sun-bleached hair from working outdoors and such. They're rather down-to-earth and easygoing. Due to the abundance of mixed bloodlines, they can have almost any colored hair and eyes.

Nobility~ makes up a smaller population of the Humans. Pale skinned and dark of eyes and hair, they're rather unused to physical labor and meandering out of doors. As a result, they tend to be softer and rounder of body. In their society, woman wear dresses and only men wear pants. They look down upon women in 'men's' clothing. Also, the number of servants one has, the higher in society they tend to be placed.

Nomad~ makes up a smaller population of the Humans. Lightly tanned, they can have nearly any hair or eye color, although red hair and green eyes seem to be rather common. Their build suggest that they're used to travel and some work, but not overly so. They tend to be rather social and knowledgeable, and many are traders. They are skilled hunters, and are frequently joined by exiles and outcasts.

Traveler (in Common)~ makes up a medium population of the Humans. A sea-traveling culture. By a genetic twist, they are born with dark skin and pale hair/eyes. Albinos are uncommon, but not rare, and are considered 'touched' by the gods. However, infants born with black hair are considered unlucky and are killed, or else exiled with their mother. They seem to have more aptitude for Magik than other Humans.

Special Skills

Each tends to be unique for their culture and heritage, really.

The Greater Gods part two

D'vicus- A very rightous and untrusting god, he barely tolerates the more barbaric of the Races. He is the husband of Caema, and reguards her as the most beautiful of all creatures. She tends to temper the worst in his distaste. He assumes the form of a tall Human with closely cropped, light blonde hair. He wears a pale silver suit of armor or robes, depending on his mood, bearing his symbol. He is the father of Jude, whom he reguards as rather troublesome. Lawful Good, he is The Holy Warrior (originally High Healer, but I think this one sounds better). He lords over Health and Purity. His symbol is that of a clenched fist.

Nefetia- Her features are striking rather than beautiful, particularly when compared to her fellow goddesses. She assumes the form of a wild-looking woman with short red hair. Her second, and frequently used, form is that of the torso of her humanoid form and the lower body of a monsterous spider. She has two assistants (or peers, depending on to whom you speak) named Sifiro and Mirilo. Chaotic Neutral, she is Lady Chaos. She presides over War and Magik. Her symbol is that of a spider.

Caema- She is the most peaceful of all the deitys, perhaps in part due to her blindness. Her light blue eyes are clouded over as physical evidence of this. She frequently assumes the form of a taller than average Faery, complete with wings. Although her preferred form is that of a large dove. She is wed to D'vicus and is the mother of Jude, whom she fondly watches over and keeps from getting into too much trouble. Lawful Neutral, she is The Lady of the Sky. She presides over the Winds and Weather. Her symbol is that of a dove in flight.

Eracae- An androgenous being, constantly switching between male and female. He/she always seems to be of the most attractive creature to anyone looking at him/her (point of view maybe? Perhaps sex and visage depend on who's looking...). He/she tends to take anything and everything in stride, albet with a rather sarcastic wit. He/she wears a toga-like wrap that flatters any form. Lawful Neutral, he/she is The Blind Lover. He/she lords/presides over Love, Lust, and Pleasure. His/her symbol is that of a circle enclosing a wavey line (think an outline of the YinYang symbol, minus the little mini circles).

Wow... That last was kinda hard to keep straight. >< I like my mom's thought on Eracae. When I told her about switching it from a her to a him/her, she said, "Whatever gets the job done, eh?" I laughed for like a minute straight. By the by, the metal silver, and white leather are considered sacred materials.


The Greater Gods part one

Their names are made up of various Latin words that I thought pertained to them and I combined them to make nifty names out of them. Of course, some of them are interesting to actually pronounce, so I came up with... Well, they aren't really names... We'll just call them titles, in Common. (Yes, Common.)

T'mdeu, Matromni, Erucor, Argentis, H'sria, Felus, Remio, D'vicus, Nefitia, Caema, and Eracae

T'mdeu- His appearance is that of a hooded man with a flowing, white beard. His robes are of the blackest night, indeed, one could mistake it for a piece of the night sky itself. It is said that whomever looks upon his face immediately passes into the plane of Limbo (which is, for me, a combination of the Underworld and the Ethereal plane). He leans heavily upon a great staff seemingly made of ash wood. Lawful Neutral, he is The Patriarch. He lords over Time and Death.
His symbol is that of an hourglass.

Matromni- She is forever changing in appearances, going from ugly to stunning, old to young, dwarven to dragon. She will settle on a shape temporarily at the request of others, for to watch her change constantly can be dizzying, and sometimes disturbing. She wears a translucent, green gown that billows gently around her as she moves. Her eyes are always the yellow-green of new leaves. Chaotic Neutral, she is Mother of All. She presides over Nature and Life. Her symbol is that of a gathered display of leaves and berries.

Erucor- He is the brother of Matromni and father to H'sria and Ry'monn. He tends to assume the form of an older, handsome, human outlaw but frequently assumes other forms purely to entertain himself and others. His one fault is that of greed which can, and sometimes does, earn him the wrath of his fellow immortals. He always seems to be enjoying some sort of private joke as evident by the ever-present smile on his face. Chaotic Good, he is The Master of Mischief. He lords over Mischief, Merriment, and the Seas (which he won in a bet with Felus). His symbol is that of a blank gold coin.

Argentis- His appearance is that of a huge humanoid figure with short, silver hair and matching silver eyes. He wields a hammer that is nearly in equal size to himself. He almost never speaks, excepts to whisper in his assistants' ears, and only as needed. He tends to spend his days forging and reforging a project known only to himself. He is clad in a white leather suit of armor that is unadorned. True Neutral, he is The Silver Hammer. He lords over the Forge and Justice. His symbol is that of a hammer at rest (picture setting a sledge hammer down on its head so the handle is in the air).

H'sria- Once like her father, she was twisted by her imprisonment by her twin, Ry'monn. She now views her father as a 'bumbling old fool' and looks upon her brother with affectionate pity. She takes on the appearance of a voluptuous, grey-skinned woman with long claws and fangs. She wears only the remnants of the chains and shackles that once bound her, as if to remind everyone of her suffering. Lawful Evil, she is The Suffering Victim. She presides over Pain and Suffering. Her symbol is that of a crimson dragonfly.

Felus- He assumes the form of a large, blue-skinned humanoid of a very suspicious nature. He lost his title of King of the Seas in a bet to Erucor and has spent the vast majority of his time since, working on getting it back. He secretly helped Ry'monn kidnap and imprison his sister. He dons no clothing but wears strings of shells. Since his loss of the seas, he became cruel and bitter toward all but Remio, whom he ignores and finds disturbing. Neutral Evil, he is The Lucky Star. He lords over Luck and Fortune. His symbol is that of a calling horn.

Remio- He is the adopted son of Matromni, who found him wandering aimlessly around Limbo. Very reclusive, he spends all of his time in the Grand Library, found on the Celestial plane. He wears the form of a young boy who's eyes are black pools. He often says strange things, alluding to another world separate from this one. He always seems to be enjoying some sort of private joke or some little bit of irony. Chaotic Neutral, he is The Slumbering King. He lords over Wisdom and Dreams. His symbol is that of a dream catcher.

I'll post the rest in another post later. Need to take a break from typing for a bit.. Lol..

A Bit on Deities...

I do not portray them as all-knowing creatures. They simply know a lot. They're immortal, that's a long time to be able gather information, figure out efficient ways to gather it, and be able to make excellent educated guesses. They're not exactly all-seeing either. They merely have spys everywhere. I've always disliked reading about all-knowing and all-seeing gods and goddesses. Especially since something happens they don't see or know. I've always kinda thought that it was... Dumb. They're supposed to be all-seeing and all-knowing right? Well such an incident proves that wrong... Anyways...

I have, so far, two ranks of gods/goddesses. The Greater and the Lesser. They live on my Celestial plane. As for other inhabitants of the plane, haven't come up with that yet.

The difference between the Greater and the Lesser rank is like that of the difference between... Say... Zeus and Hermes from the Greek Pantheon. Hermes is no where near in strength and benevolence to Zeus, right? But he is still a god in his own right. Again, you could compare Hades and Dionysus. But I'm sure you get the point.


Well now...

I kinda just realized something...

Until I get a good chunk of my information down, I'll probably be posting a lot..

Vampyres (In More Detail)

She stands before you, shorter than the average Human, and wraith-like in her appearance. Everything about her seems slightly insubstantial, as if she were slowly fading away. Her hair is a washed-out shade of brown, matching her equally pale blue eyes. Her build is slim, almost spindly. When she smiles in a friendly sort of way, you catch a glimpse of her long, pointed canines. Her clothes seem terribly ancient, hanging from her frame in tatters, but she herself appears not a day over 30 years.

Vampyres stand roughly 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall. They reach adulthood at age 50 (those that are born naturally at least) and can live for centuries. They do, however, eventually die of old age. They have a natural aptitude for Magik, but treat it with reverence. They favor the God Sifiro, a Chaotic Good deity, but occasionally a few choose Nefitia, Chaotic Neutral, or Mirilo, Chaotic Evil.

They can stand a limited amount of sunlight, but it tends to easily damage their skin and eyes, making them more of a nocturnal race. If one uses protection however, like a hooded robe or cloak, this downside can be beat. They can eat meat and vegetables, and do frequently, but they still require blood to survive.

Different Strands/Sub Races

Warm-blooded Drinkers~ the most common type of Vampyre. They survive off the blood of warm-blooded animals such as deer, bats, rabbits, etc... Physically, they're weaker than the average human, but their quick minds and fast reflexes more than make up for it. Most are of the peaceful sort, and try to avoid fights.

Cold-blooded Drinkers~ a very seclusive sub race of the Vampyre. They live in or around swamps, feeding off the reptilian and amphibian life found there. In contrast to their Warm-blooded counterparts, they have developed scales on the more delicate parts of their bodies. The scales appear behind and just below the ears, at the bends of their elbows and knees, their lower stomachs, and lower backs. They don't care much for strangers, particularly strangers who visit their territories.

Leeches~ not exactly a sub race in itself, but different none the less. These are the Vampyres addicted to the blood of Humans and Elves, which act like drugs upon their systems. They have more of a violent nature. When Human or Elf blood is spilled around them, they enter a berserk state. The more blood spilled, the harder it is to resist going berserk. [I've always found that an odd word, berserk....] A Leech appears more solid and earthbound than other Vampyres, but always have blood-shot eyes.

Special Skills

Berserk (Leech only)
Blood Drain (as per 3.5e's vamps) (cannot be used against Faeries, Dragons, Dwarves, or Orcs)
Dominate (as per 3.5e's spell) (with voice instead of gaze?)
Blood Change (limited polymorph, Warm- or Cold-blooded only) (limited to type of blood drank within the past three-five days, a blood type (say dog) that is favored can always be used)

Notes on Blood Change... Say a Vampyre drinks the blood of a bat, they can change into a bat for a limited time. A bat, not THE bat. So they can't steal identities, which is why a Leech can't use this ability. They're addicted to Human/Elf blood, but they're already humanoid. Make sense? As for the whole favored blood thing... They drink the blood of their favored food more often than they do of others, in most cases. So this type of blood is almost always in their system, and the form is available all the time.

Notes on Blood Types... A Dragon's or Faery's blood is poisonous to Vampyres (too much Magik in their blood maybe? Kinda like an OD...). Dwarves and Orcs merely taste really bad (little or no Magik in their blood perhaps?). Humans and Elves are very addictive to Vampyres (just the right amount of Magik to 'get high'? If so, should Elves be slightly more addictive due to a more Magikal nature?).


Other Races of Note...

Dragons: adopted humanoid forms and hide amongst the Elves or Humans. They have ears that are even more pointed than an Elf's, and they have rather unique colorings. The Elves, of course, know the Dragons on sight, but the Dragons are more hiding from Humans and Dwarves, who used to hunt them on sight. It is thanks to the Humans and Dwarves that there are so few Dragons left and that they chose to go into hiding. Dragons rarely return to their reptile form, but do feel the need to every few years. If two Dragons mate in their humanoid forms, a single child results and is either very Human or merely half Dragon. To have normal, and multiple, offspring, they would need to return to their natural forms. A few did assist in the war against {unamed mass of monsters}, but didn't reveal themselves.

Dwarves: very reclusive, they spend more time in their tunnels than socializing. They are very possesive of their territories and treasures. A few have forsaken the tunnels and live amongst humans, but they are considered exiles by the rest of their race.

Faeries: always number the same in population. For ever Faery that dies, a new one is born. How Faeries breed amongst themselves is a secret known only to them, although Faeries can interbreed with Dwarves and Humans (being a humanoid standing roughly three feet in height). Any offspring born not of pure Faery descent is born wingless, although there have been rare stories of where this isn't always the case. The color of each Faery directly corresponds to the Element of its Magik.

Centaurs: a race known to be created by one of the Gods. They are a race mostly concerned with their own survival and are treated with disdain by the majority of the other races, the exceptions being Faeries and Elves.

Vampyres: a very NOT undead race. They survive off foods just as any other race, but do need blood to survive. To them, any humanoid blood is addictive and seen as a drug. An addicted vampyre is called a Leech. They survive off the blood of animals, mainly warm-blooded. Those who drink the blood of cold-blooded animals develope reptilian or anphibian feature, but this particular group lives in a swamp where warm-blooded animals are not readily available.

A Bit of Background...

On my world.

It's called T'la Demre, or Demre for short. It's slightly larger than Earth, orbiting around two suns, Charon and K'rinn. Four moons orbit around Demre.

The main population on Demre is the Elves. Previously, the Humans and Orcs (a violent race, but not inherently evil) vied for the largest population. The Humans and Orcs were allied in a war against {insert mass of evil creatures here}, a war which nearly wiped out both races. About half of what was left of the Humans retreated, taking a few Orcs with them as well. The Elves provided them with a safe haven, a penninsula hidden away deep in Elven country.

Now, they have managed to slowly expand into five small kingdoms. Four of the kingdoms are ruled by brothers, desended from the man who led the Humans to their safe place. The fifth kingdom is a small, seperate people who care little for the politics of the larger kingdoms.


A Bit of Musing...

I only just ran across this site today, and I saw some interesting things. I figured starting a blog would be an interesting way to pass the time. Especially since this summer promises to be a long one. I also figured, it would be a neat place to bounce ideas around for the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I'm creating. Its my first time as a DM, and I have set myself a rather large and daunting task. Creating a world and running a long adventure. Wish me luck?