The Race of Elves

She stands before you, lithe and graceful. Standing just taller than the average Human, her build is actually somewhat slimmer. The dress clinging to her frame shows the slight angles and small curves of her body to great effect. Her face is schooled in a look of indifference and she gives no hint in her body language as to what she is thinking. Her skin is pale, standing in stark contrast to her raven-black hair. Her eyes are a dark shade of blue, similar to that of the night sky.

The Elves number amongst the greatest in terms of population. They can reach a height of roughly 6 1/2 feet in height, on average. They reach 'proper' adulthood around 90-100 years in age, although it varies at times. They can live far longer than the other races, except for the dragons, but do eventually die of old age.

Different Cultures/Sub races

L'qua V'ngenu~ are the most down-to-earth of the Elves. They tend to be more muscular than the other elves, apart from the Ma'rs, and darker in skin color as well. Their eyes usually tend to be blues and greys than the lavender the others can have. They live on the shores of lakes, and sometimes next to the ocean and seas. They are intricate crafters, creating all sorts of lovely pottery, baskets, etc. They live in houses made of mud and plants that look so natural that to realize they were houses, one would have to look rather close.

S'vatus V'ngenu~ are rather aloof and very much so less accepting of outsiders than their kin. They live deep in one of the largest forests on the planet, and as a result are rather intimately tied to the nature life around them. Many of them keep familiars or pets reguardless of their class or skills. Many have become vegatarians, but in spite of this, there are still great hunters amongst them. They live in and around the larger trees of the deepest, darkest parts of the forest. They have pale skin, dark hair, and tend to have either grey or lavender eyes.

Ma'rs V'ngenu~ are slightly shorter than the rest of their kin, and more muscular than even the L'qua. They live on the sides of mountains in houses that blend into their surroundings. They have pale skin, dark hair, and grey or lavender eyes. They craft light armor and some jewelry which tend to be magical in nature more than mundane, and more elaborate than practical. They have a group dedicated to training and flying rocs, as a result of this, they tend to have their fair share of travelers to and from far places. They're also more spread out than their kin.

L'anu V'ngenu~ are the most accepting of outsiders of the Elves, and live on a wide series of plains. In comparison to their kin, they tend to be more festive and less uptight. Their hair can be either dark or of medium tone, and their skin tends to be lightly tanned. Their eyes can be blue, grey, or lavender. Many of them are farmers and excellent hunters. Their houses are made to be partially underground. They're the Elves that assisted the Humans in their escape from near extinction.

Md'acti V'ngenu~ are members of the eldest territory to date of the Elves. Some of the oldest and most prominant bloodlines can be found amongst them. They're very mixed in terms of population of the various Elven cultures. They're the center of trade in the Elven societies as their laws prevent fighting of any sort. While not apposed to outsiders visiting, laws dictate that only an Elf of pure descent can settle and live in their territories.

Notes: the names won't be used by the general public, and most simply tend to think of the Elves as a whole. Only Elves differentiate between cultures on a regular basis. V'ngenu is an older term for Elves and is only used in formal terms.

Special Skills

Differ in cultures, except for some similarities. And those are based on the 3.5e description in the Player's Handbook.

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