Monster: Pantalon

Pantalon are an ethereal group of Demons belonging to the upperclasses. Why they are held to such esteem is a secret known only to other Demons. Speculation and educated guessing however, leads one to believe they know something particularly detrimental to the other Demons. An easily guessed matter given that common knowledge pins Pantalon as gathers of information. Very logical in nature, but their biggest downfall is that of obsession. They frequently become obsessive about one thing or another (i.e. a person or place). When talking about their race or self, they refer to themselves as a whole rather than an idividual. Why this is, none have revealed. If a Pantalon has a name, it was given to them by someone else and they only give it when pressed for a name.

They look like ghostly lions, except for their lack of a mane and hind legs. Their body simply becomes a thick 'tail' of sorts. They are an ethereal creature and are treated like the ghosts of 3.5e.

(I have yet to figure out exact statistics. And the paper I had some of those on is currently misplaced... I have to go searching....)

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