The Greater Gods part two

D'vicus- A very rightous and untrusting god, he barely tolerates the more barbaric of the Races. He is the husband of Caema, and reguards her as the most beautiful of all creatures. She tends to temper the worst in his distaste. He assumes the form of a tall Human with closely cropped, light blonde hair. He wears a pale silver suit of armor or robes, depending on his mood, bearing his symbol. He is the father of Jude, whom he reguards as rather troublesome. Lawful Good, he is The Holy Warrior (originally High Healer, but I think this one sounds better). He lords over Health and Purity. His symbol is that of a clenched fist.

Nefetia- Her features are striking rather than beautiful, particularly when compared to her fellow goddesses. She assumes the form of a wild-looking woman with short red hair. Her second, and frequently used, form is that of the torso of her humanoid form and the lower body of a monsterous spider. She has two assistants (or peers, depending on to whom you speak) named Sifiro and Mirilo. Chaotic Neutral, she is Lady Chaos. She presides over War and Magik. Her symbol is that of a spider.

Caema- She is the most peaceful of all the deitys, perhaps in part due to her blindness. Her light blue eyes are clouded over as physical evidence of this. She frequently assumes the form of a taller than average Faery, complete with wings. Although her preferred form is that of a large dove. She is wed to D'vicus and is the mother of Jude, whom she fondly watches over and keeps from getting into too much trouble. Lawful Neutral, she is The Lady of the Sky. She presides over the Winds and Weather. Her symbol is that of a dove in flight.

Eracae- An androgenous being, constantly switching between male and female. He/she always seems to be of the most attractive creature to anyone looking at him/her (point of view maybe? Perhaps sex and visage depend on who's looking...). He/she tends to take anything and everything in stride, albet with a rather sarcastic wit. He/she wears a toga-like wrap that flatters any form. Lawful Neutral, he/she is The Blind Lover. He/she lords/presides over Love, Lust, and Pleasure. His/her symbol is that of a circle enclosing a wavey line (think an outline of the YinYang symbol, minus the little mini circles).

Wow... That last was kinda hard to keep straight. >< I like my mom's thought on Eracae. When I told her about switching it from a her to a him/her, she said, "Whatever gets the job done, eh?" I laughed for like a minute straight. By the by, the metal silver, and white leather are considered sacred materials.


  1. I'm getting a bit of cognitive dissonance on D'vicus. That probably means you're doing something cool with him that's not expressed in this brief description. I certainly see him being popular with more hack-and-slash sorts, especially those who play paladins.

    Maybe he's inspired by traditional views of medicine? The Orderly body being the one in good health, while Chaos in the humors, etc. leads to disease? Just trying to find a handle that I can use to wrap my brain around him. Regardless, I can see him and his spurring all sorts of interesting play.

    Chaos = spider. Must be something in the air, because I'm doing something similar in my Labyrinth Lord game.

    I am confused as to why you made Eracae Lawful. It seems, by it's very inconsistency, to be inherently Chaotic, and being a god of Love, Lust, and Pleasure would seem to seal the deal.

  2. I view him as a Paladin type deity, and yeah. Orderly=good. He has something to do with my view on a certain religion. I'm trying to not make him an ass but its very very hard and I'm not succeeding.

    I've always thought of spiders like that.

    Again, Eracae has to do with my view on things. I've never been able to see Love or Lust or Pleasure as a thing Chaotic and unpredictable. Please don't say anything as to a lack of experience due to my age. I'm not inexperienced and I've never acted my age, I was one of those girls who was age 30 at 13.. I don't mean to offend or anything. Sorry if I did.

  3. No offense taken. I've always disliked that argument, and it almost never works to convince people, even if it is true sometimes.

    Besides, I suspect the real issue here is the very subjective nature of alignment. In my games, Chaos is heavily tied to fertility/generation, changes in social status (child -> adult, single -> married, maiden -> mother), and emotion (with reason being governed by Order). So making the god/dess of Love, Lust, and Pleasure Chaotic is a no-brainer.

    In your case, I think your view on the Order/Chaos spectrum is similar, but clearly not identical, to mine. That, more than age, I think, is the issue here.

  4. Likely. Also, I don't especially see Love, Lust and Pleasure as being much in the way of emotions. They influence emotions, yes. But I believe they follow more of a predictable pattern rather than one chaotic. Its hard to explain I think...

    Oh. Ok. Lust is predictable, everybody has a physical or mental type they lust after, right? A girl who drools over pictures of studs in speedos is not likely to drool over an overweight couch potato. A man turned on by an intelligent woman, is likely to be turned off by an airhead. And a very similar argument I think can be used for Love. I know from personal experience that there's a limited range of what I look for, and am attracted to, in guys.

    However, maybe adding in Pleasure kinda threw it off. I may just switch that part to another deity.. I think I will actually.