A Bit on Deities...

I do not portray them as all-knowing creatures. They simply know a lot. They're immortal, that's a long time to be able gather information, figure out efficient ways to gather it, and be able to make excellent educated guesses. They're not exactly all-seeing either. They merely have spys everywhere. I've always disliked reading about all-knowing and all-seeing gods and goddesses. Especially since something happens they don't see or know. I've always kinda thought that it was... Dumb. They're supposed to be all-seeing and all-knowing right? Well such an incident proves that wrong... Anyways...

I have, so far, two ranks of gods/goddesses. The Greater and the Lesser. They live on my Celestial plane. As for other inhabitants of the plane, haven't come up with that yet.

The difference between the Greater and the Lesser rank is like that of the difference between... Say... Zeus and Hermes from the Greek Pantheon. Hermes is no where near in strength and benevolence to Zeus, right? But he is still a god in his own right. Again, you could compare Hades and Dionysus. But I'm sure you get the point.

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