Vampyres (In More Detail)

She stands before you, shorter than the average Human, and wraith-like in her appearance. Everything about her seems slightly insubstantial, as if she were slowly fading away. Her hair is a washed-out shade of brown, matching her equally pale blue eyes. Her build is slim, almost spindly. When she smiles in a friendly sort of way, you catch a glimpse of her long, pointed canines. Her clothes seem terribly ancient, hanging from her frame in tatters, but she herself appears not a day over 30 years.

Vampyres stand roughly 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall. They reach adulthood at age 50 (those that are born naturally at least) and can live for centuries. They do, however, eventually die of old age. They have a natural aptitude for Magik, but treat it with reverence. They favor the God Sifiro, a Chaotic Good deity, but occasionally a few choose Nefitia, Chaotic Neutral, or Mirilo, Chaotic Evil.

They can stand a limited amount of sunlight, but it tends to easily damage their skin and eyes, making them more of a nocturnal race. If one uses protection however, like a hooded robe or cloak, this downside can be beat. They can eat meat and vegetables, and do frequently, but they still require blood to survive.

Different Strands/Sub Races

Warm-blooded Drinkers~ the most common type of Vampyre. They survive off the blood of warm-blooded animals such as deer, bats, rabbits, etc... Physically, they're weaker than the average human, but their quick minds and fast reflexes more than make up for it. Most are of the peaceful sort, and try to avoid fights.

Cold-blooded Drinkers~ a very seclusive sub race of the Vampyre. They live in or around swamps, feeding off the reptilian and amphibian life found there. In contrast to their Warm-blooded counterparts, they have developed scales on the more delicate parts of their bodies. The scales appear behind and just below the ears, at the bends of their elbows and knees, their lower stomachs, and lower backs. They don't care much for strangers, particularly strangers who visit their territories.

Leeches~ not exactly a sub race in itself, but different none the less. These are the Vampyres addicted to the blood of Humans and Elves, which act like drugs upon their systems. They have more of a violent nature. When Human or Elf blood is spilled around them, they enter a berserk state. The more blood spilled, the harder it is to resist going berserk. [I've always found that an odd word, berserk....] A Leech appears more solid and earthbound than other Vampyres, but always have blood-shot eyes.

Special Skills

Berserk (Leech only)
Blood Drain (as per 3.5e's vamps) (cannot be used against Faeries, Dragons, Dwarves, or Orcs)
Dominate (as per 3.5e's spell) (with voice instead of gaze?)
Blood Change (limited polymorph, Warm- or Cold-blooded only) (limited to type of blood drank within the past three-five days, a blood type (say dog) that is favored can always be used)

Notes on Blood Change... Say a Vampyre drinks the blood of a bat, they can change into a bat for a limited time. A bat, not THE bat. So they can't steal identities, which is why a Leech can't use this ability. They're addicted to Human/Elf blood, but they're already humanoid. Make sense? As for the whole favored blood thing... They drink the blood of their favored food more often than they do of others, in most cases. So this type of blood is almost always in their system, and the form is available all the time.

Notes on Blood Types... A Dragon's or Faery's blood is poisonous to Vampyres (too much Magik in their blood maybe? Kinda like an OD...). Dwarves and Orcs merely taste really bad (little or no Magik in their blood perhaps?). Humans and Elves are very addictive to Vampyres (just the right amount of Magik to 'get high'? If so, should Elves be slightly more addictive due to a more Magikal nature?).


  1. Elves should either be more addictive or poisonous like Faery blood, but that a bit of projection. Elves are very strongly a part of Faery in my current campaign.

    And now you've got me very curious about your deities. Will we being seeing more about them after you're done with the races?

  2. I'll probably post them randomly. I had a sudden thought to do this particular race. Tomorrow I'll probably post something about the deities.