The Race of Humans

He stands before you, a slight smile playing across his lips. He is of average height and average build, though his skin is tanned and weather-worn from years of work under the sun. His hair is fair, bleached by the sun, and his eyes are a soft grey, the color of stormy clouds. His clothes are simple and neat, although perhaps a bit worn at the knees and elbows.

Humans are easily one of the most diverse races in their beliefs, personality, and looks. On average, they stand anywhere from 5 to 6 feet tall. They reach adulthood at 16, but aren't usually fully grown until 18 or so. They can live anywhere from 70 to over 100 years old.

Different Cultures/Sub races

Peasantry~ makes up the larger population of the Humans. They tend be rather tanned with sun-bleached hair from working outdoors and such. They're rather down-to-earth and easygoing. Due to the abundance of mixed bloodlines, they can have almost any colored hair and eyes.

Nobility~ makes up a smaller population of the Humans. Pale skinned and dark of eyes and hair, they're rather unused to physical labor and meandering out of doors. As a result, they tend to be softer and rounder of body. In their society, woman wear dresses and only men wear pants. They look down upon women in 'men's' clothing. Also, the number of servants one has, the higher in society they tend to be placed.

Nomad~ makes up a smaller population of the Humans. Lightly tanned, they can have nearly any hair or eye color, although red hair and green eyes seem to be rather common. Their build suggest that they're used to travel and some work, but not overly so. They tend to be rather social and knowledgeable, and many are traders. They are skilled hunters, and are frequently joined by exiles and outcasts.

Traveler (in Common)~ makes up a medium population of the Humans. A sea-traveling culture. By a genetic twist, they are born with dark skin and pale hair/eyes. Albinos are uncommon, but not rare, and are considered 'touched' by the gods. However, infants born with black hair are considered unlucky and are killed, or else exiled with their mother. They seem to have more aptitude for Magik than other Humans.

Special Skills

Each tends to be unique for their culture and heritage, really.

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