Lesser Gods

These names aren't made up of different words and are a lot easier to pronounce. They still have their little titles though. These gods/goddesses I haven't been working on and refining nearly as long as I have the others, so there may be some things to fix.

Or'anne, Ry'monn, Jude, Thorn, Gera, Zeke, Sifiro, Mirilo, Myron, and Camri

Or'anne- She was created by Remio when he came across a series of books detailing Creation in the Grand Library. She appears slightly older than him, and treats him fondly as a little brother. She has long brown hair and hazel-colored eyes. She assists Remio in the Library and enjoys teasing him affectionately. Or'anne cannot stray far from Remio, lest she risk dissapation. When not in conversation with him, she has a very sad and quiet disposition. True Neutral, she is The Lost Soul. She presides over Music and Art. Her symbol is that of a plain, golden ring.

Ry'monn- He fell from his father's grace when he captured his twin, H'sria, and locked her away for his own pleasure. His appearance is that of a hunched, skeletal humanoid with a long tail ending in a scorpian-like stinger and long, wicked-looking claws. As punishment for his wrongdoings, he was sentanced to eternity serving under his twin. He loathes the other gods, and blames his father for his servitude. Chaotic Evil, he is The Imprisoned Tyrant. He lords over Disaster and Impurity. His symbol is that of a scorpian.

Jude- He is the son of D'vicus and Caema and values all forms of relaxation and entertainment, but knows that to partake, one must work for it. He often takes the form of a young, Human male wearing slightly outlandish outfits. He looks up to Erucor, seeing him as a much better person than his own father. He does not take kindly to authority and rules, but doesn't outwardly work at causing mayhem and trouble. He finds his mother to be, well, overly motherly, but is rather fond of her none the less. Chaotic Good, he is The Wandering Son. He lords over Drink and Harvest. His symbol is that of a plain mask.

Thorn- He is a white Dragon turned god, and assists Argentis in his forge. When humanoid in shape, he dons simple white-leather pants but chooses to walk barefoot. Hopelessly in love with Gera, he tries to win her affection repeatedly. He has wavey white hair that brushes his shoulders. In his reptillian form, he is large and white. Being a nonmetallic and ground Dragon, he is wingless. Lawful Neutral, he is The Unrequited Lover. He lords over Focus and Discipline. His symbol is that of a perfectly cut quartz.

Gera- She is a silver Dragon turned goddess, and assists Argentis in his forge. When humanoid in shape, she dons a simple, silver shift and chooses to walk barefoot. Oblivious to innuendos and sarcasm, she rarely gets any attempt at humor. Her curly grey hair is always loose, and falls nearly to her knees. Her innocense and beauty are valued and protected by the other gods and goddesses. Neutral Good, she is The Naive Beauty. She presides over Beauty and {undecided}. Her symbol is that of a folding fan (think those little folding fans from older days the ladies always used).

Zeke- He is both companion and friend to T'mdeu. He is considered to be the messenger of death to the more prominant and well-known of the races. He assumes the form of a large black raven, with a small patch of white on the left side of his neck. His favorite perch is the top of his friend's staff. He has a rather dry and sarcastic wit and has earned more than his fair share of glares from the other gods. Chaotic Neutral, he is The Beloved Companion. He lords over Travel and {undecided}. His symbol is that of a black feather.

Sifiro- He takes the form of a tall, shimmering humanoid with no distinct features, or that of a white house cat with black markings. He is a free spirit, but is usually rather calm and respectful, not out of necessity, but simply because. His sense of humor is rather odd, and he's very bad at making jokes or pulling pranks. He feels as though his brother's path is his fault and can be frequently found arguing with him. Chaotic Good, he is Refined Chaos. He lords over Aid and Magik. His symbol is that of a cat's eye.

Mirilo- He looks down upon his brother with disdain. His form is that of a short, rather muscular demon with coal black skin and short yellow horns on his forehead. His eyes are more of a golden color, and all his teeth are sharp and pointed. He has yellowed nails that come to a point, both on his hands and his feet. He dons nothing but a small wrap around his nether regions. Chaotic Evil, he is The Chaotic Void. He lords over Harm and Magik. His symbol is that of a black snake.

Myron- He assumes the form of a handsome, rather cocky, male. Supposedly assistant to Eracae, he prefers to spend his time amongst ladies. He is not above seducing and breaking hearts to get what he wants, when he wants it. However, he does respect Eracae and will not go against his/her direct will. He prefers to wear nothing but a flowing wrap about his waist and gold sandals. His eyes are a stunning shade of lavander. Lawful Evil, he is The Unchained Lover. He lords over Allure and Male. (This is not to insult men! Lol. Seriously. He just exudes maleness is all.) His symbol is that of an 'M'.

Camri- She appears as a delicate-looking young lady with an only slightly niave air about her. She is very firm in her opinions, but will listen kindly to others. She wears a light, summer-y dress and matching slippers. Another form she frequents is that of a slightly larger than average mouse. Her eyes are a striking blue-grey, and her hair is straight, blonde, and falls just a few inches short of her waist. Lawful Good, she is The Innocent Lover. She presides over Fertility and Female.


  1. Fun stuff, especially Zeke, and things I found surprising on this list. The masculine as evil is an intriguing twist on tradition, though I've been seeing more of that lately (for instance, Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned").

    I'm surprised you have the very Maidenly Camri as the goddess of Fertility. It's almost as if she's fertility-untapped, more potential than practice. Or maybe I'm reading too much into her. Or not enough.

    I love Thorn and Gera. Have you read Camille Paglia's "Sexual Personae"? Kinda reminded me of her comments about guys in the opening chapter. I'd suggest Innocence or Purity for Gera's other attribute. That would play into the hopelessness of Thorn's affections and also touch on traditional Western dragon imagery.

    For Zeke, maybe Messengers? Jesters? Advisors? He reminds me of Shakespeare's holy fools.

    Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been reading and rereading Anne Rice's vampire books since I was young. Maybe its influenced me more than I thought? oO

    I'd say the whole fertility-untapped bit describes what I was thinking with her.

    I haven't read it, no. Their situation is based off one of my friends'. Except, they're both girls. *shrugs* I was thinking Innocence, but maybe Purity is a better idea.

    Zeke has the potential to become one of my favorite characters. He was inspired by a shirt I have that has the first verse of Poe's 'the Raven' on it. But in character is definately influenced by Shakespeare. Perhaps of Word? I could definately see him using difficult words to cause frustration in the players...

  3. And I could see him speaking in riddles and verse as well.