A Bit of Background...

On my world.

It's called T'la Demre, or Demre for short. It's slightly larger than Earth, orbiting around two suns, Charon and K'rinn. Four moons orbit around Demre.

The main population on Demre is the Elves. Previously, the Humans and Orcs (a violent race, but not inherently evil) vied for the largest population. The Humans and Orcs were allied in a war against {insert mass of evil creatures here}, a war which nearly wiped out both races. About half of what was left of the Humans retreated, taking a few Orcs with them as well. The Elves provided them with a safe haven, a penninsula hidden away deep in Elven country.

Now, they have managed to slowly expand into five small kingdoms. Four of the kingdoms are ruled by brothers, desended from the man who led the Humans to their safe place. The fifth kingdom is a small, seperate people who care little for the politics of the larger kingdoms.


  1. Does this mean that most of Demre is ruled by the as-yet-unnamed mass of evil creatures? Or were the orcs and humans successful in thwarting their advance?

    I love your names, by the way. That's the hardest part of world-building for me.

  2. I'm thinking that their attempts did keep the vast majority at bay as I'm going to have them still in the same area. Maybe expanded a bit, but not by much. What the isolated Humans don't know is that there is still a whole group of Humans still fighting. They never completely died out.

    I love creating names for people and places. ^^ It's my favorite part, well, almost. Lol.

  3. Nice to see a setup where the humans aren't dominant! Variety is always good --

    Are your elves along the lines of the "D&D standard" elves, or changed from that baseline?

  4. They're slightly changed. I never liked the idea that elves were shorter. >< I've always thought of them as taller. They have other minor differences as well.

  5. I've also usually considered them taller. I blame Tolkien for prejudicing me towards taller elves.

    I'm curious, which version of D&D are you making this for. I'd assumed 4e, but 4e elves are not significantly shorter.

  6. 3.5e actually. Only one I've ever known. I can't find anyone with any of the others that I can check out. And I don't have the money to hunt them down either.

  7. In my original plans for the world, I was going to have the Humans be the dominate species, but I figured that was waaay overdone. As for my Vampyres, I wanted something unique, and I think I did that very well with the overall bit. :)

  8. There's a good, free simulacrum of the rules Taichara and I play with called Labyrinth Lord. Fidelity to the originals is very high.

    Finding people to play those rules with you, however, can be a bit of a challenge.

    Regardless, I'll be looking forward to learning more about your campaign, and looking for neat ideas to steal, er, I mean, borrow. ;)

  9. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much! It'll help me out so much! <3 <3 <3 *goes to eagerly devour more knowledge*

  10. There's actually more where that came from. This post is a good overview of the free rules that mimic old-school D&D. The production values on some of them, especially Labyrinth Lord and Swords & Wizardry, are surprisingly high, considering they are labors of love.