Other Races of Note...

Dragons: adopted humanoid forms and hide amongst the Elves or Humans. They have ears that are even more pointed than an Elf's, and they have rather unique colorings. The Elves, of course, know the Dragons on sight, but the Dragons are more hiding from Humans and Dwarves, who used to hunt them on sight. It is thanks to the Humans and Dwarves that there are so few Dragons left and that they chose to go into hiding. Dragons rarely return to their reptile form, but do feel the need to every few years. If two Dragons mate in their humanoid forms, a single child results and is either very Human or merely half Dragon. To have normal, and multiple, offspring, they would need to return to their natural forms. A few did assist in the war against {unamed mass of monsters}, but didn't reveal themselves.

Dwarves: very reclusive, they spend more time in their tunnels than socializing. They are very possesive of their territories and treasures. A few have forsaken the tunnels and live amongst humans, but they are considered exiles by the rest of their race.

Faeries: always number the same in population. For ever Faery that dies, a new one is born. How Faeries breed amongst themselves is a secret known only to them, although Faeries can interbreed with Dwarves and Humans (being a humanoid standing roughly three feet in height). Any offspring born not of pure Faery descent is born wingless, although there have been rare stories of where this isn't always the case. The color of each Faery directly corresponds to the Element of its Magik.

Centaurs: a race known to be created by one of the Gods. They are a race mostly concerned with their own survival and are treated with disdain by the majority of the other races, the exceptions being Faeries and Elves.

Vampyres: a very NOT undead race. They survive off foods just as any other race, but do need blood to survive. To them, any humanoid blood is addictive and seen as a drug. An addicted vampyre is called a Leech. They survive off the blood of animals, mainly warm-blooded. Those who drink the blood of cold-blooded animals develope reptilian or anphibian feature, but this particular group lives in a swamp where warm-blooded animals are not readily available.


  1. I like your take on vampires; it reminds me (in the not-undead blood drinkers aspect) of some of my own tinkerings. The adoption of coldblooded traits are a nice touch.

    If dragons still have identifying traits (exaggerated ears, unusual colouration), how have they succeeded in hiding from the humans (as dwarves are reclusive, less of a worry)?

  2. The still tend to blend in with some of the elves, and humans never found out the shift. They think of them as just being different elves.

  3. *laughing at self* Accidently said the Vampyres bit in the other post. Anyways..

    I wanted the Vampyres to be more unique. Plus, I never liked the idea of them being tied to their coffins.

  4. Are these going to be playable races, or just NPCs?

  5. Playable for the most part with restrictions. Which kinda depend on the player's experience and character, etc... and I had to limit certain things, like the flight of Faeries. It's mildly limited, although I'm thinking that it might depend on their Dex or Str score, at least partially maybe... Hmmm... Food for thought...