Sorry Guys..

I went to Heaven for a few day and just got back. Lol. Just kidding. I took off out of town to an old friend's house the day after going to the club. The club was ok. I didn't really enjoy myself though. My sister and friends made me wear heels and my feet were killing me. But the following days were a blast. ^^ I even got to go swimming a couple of times. It was so hot and the water felt really great. But best of all, my phone didn't have service so I didn't get pestered at all. So relaxing... Anyways... Back to my DnD posts. Lol.


  1. Welcome back. Did you see we've drafted poor Taichara to write a book?

    Out of curiosity, did you go Victorian goth or Neil Gaimon-esque black street cloths goth?

  2. Yeah, I saw something about that. I've been trying to catch up on a couple of other things and haven't gotten to check that out yet. But I shall. ^^

    And... It was kind of Victorian I suppose. I wore a black skirt that was rather old-fashoined turned new, with a green shirt. I wore a black over shirt that tied in the front, went just over my chest, and had long flowing sleeves. Oh, and three- inch heels. Which hurt to dance in. ><