The Greater Gods part one

Their names are made up of various Latin words that I thought pertained to them and I combined them to make nifty names out of them. Of course, some of them are interesting to actually pronounce, so I came up with... Well, they aren't really names... We'll just call them titles, in Common. (Yes, Common.)

T'mdeu, Matromni, Erucor, Argentis, H'sria, Felus, Remio, D'vicus, Nefitia, Caema, and Eracae

T'mdeu- His appearance is that of a hooded man with a flowing, white beard. His robes are of the blackest night, indeed, one could mistake it for a piece of the night sky itself. It is said that whomever looks upon his face immediately passes into the plane of Limbo (which is, for me, a combination of the Underworld and the Ethereal plane). He leans heavily upon a great staff seemingly made of ash wood. Lawful Neutral, he is The Patriarch. He lords over Time and Death.
His symbol is that of an hourglass.

Matromni- She is forever changing in appearances, going from ugly to stunning, old to young, dwarven to dragon. She will settle on a shape temporarily at the request of others, for to watch her change constantly can be dizzying, and sometimes disturbing. She wears a translucent, green gown that billows gently around her as she moves. Her eyes are always the yellow-green of new leaves. Chaotic Neutral, she is Mother of All. She presides over Nature and Life. Her symbol is that of a gathered display of leaves and berries.

Erucor- He is the brother of Matromni and father to H'sria and Ry'monn. He tends to assume the form of an older, handsome, human outlaw but frequently assumes other forms purely to entertain himself and others. His one fault is that of greed which can, and sometimes does, earn him the wrath of his fellow immortals. He always seems to be enjoying some sort of private joke as evident by the ever-present smile on his face. Chaotic Good, he is The Master of Mischief. He lords over Mischief, Merriment, and the Seas (which he won in a bet with Felus). His symbol is that of a blank gold coin.

Argentis- His appearance is that of a huge humanoid figure with short, silver hair and matching silver eyes. He wields a hammer that is nearly in equal size to himself. He almost never speaks, excepts to whisper in his assistants' ears, and only as needed. He tends to spend his days forging and reforging a project known only to himself. He is clad in a white leather suit of armor that is unadorned. True Neutral, he is The Silver Hammer. He lords over the Forge and Justice. His symbol is that of a hammer at rest (picture setting a sledge hammer down on its head so the handle is in the air).

H'sria- Once like her father, she was twisted by her imprisonment by her twin, Ry'monn. She now views her father as a 'bumbling old fool' and looks upon her brother with affectionate pity. She takes on the appearance of a voluptuous, grey-skinned woman with long claws and fangs. She wears only the remnants of the chains and shackles that once bound her, as if to remind everyone of her suffering. Lawful Evil, she is The Suffering Victim. She presides over Pain and Suffering. Her symbol is that of a crimson dragonfly.

Felus- He assumes the form of a large, blue-skinned humanoid of a very suspicious nature. He lost his title of King of the Seas in a bet to Erucor and has spent the vast majority of his time since, working on getting it back. He secretly helped Ry'monn kidnap and imprison his sister. He dons no clothing but wears strings of shells. Since his loss of the seas, he became cruel and bitter toward all but Remio, whom he ignores and finds disturbing. Neutral Evil, he is The Lucky Star. He lords over Luck and Fortune. His symbol is that of a calling horn.

Remio- He is the adopted son of Matromni, who found him wandering aimlessly around Limbo. Very reclusive, he spends all of his time in the Grand Library, found on the Celestial plane. He wears the form of a young boy who's eyes are black pools. He often says strange things, alluding to another world separate from this one. He always seems to be enjoying some sort of private joke or some little bit of irony. Chaotic Neutral, he is The Slumbering King. He lords over Wisdom and Dreams. His symbol is that of a dream catcher.

I'll post the rest in another post later. Need to take a break from typing for a bit.. Lol..


  1. Lots of neat stuff here. I love to sink my teeth into other people's myth systems. ;)

    Lots of agreement on how you've apportioned the alignments, especially T'mdeu and Matromni. I probably would have made Argentis Chaotic, but that depends on how much he's about crafting and how much he's about creativity. I could easily see a Lawful Argentis paired with a Chaotic muse. And I'm loving the drama and viciousness you've got in the family. I'm very curious about this Ry'monn character. The irony of the god of luck and fortune having lost his rulership of the sea to the mischief god is great. I assume Erucor cheated. ;)

    I've used the ethereal plane for where the dead go befor. It leads to some very interesting possibilities if the PCs get the power to travel there.

  2. Argentis isn't so much about the creativity. I'm thinking about having him as rather simplistic in nature. His assistants are Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Good. As for an actual muse... Not sure yet. ^^

    I love the whole family bit I've been cooking up between them. Maybe perhaps for a different campaign I can go farther into that...

    And yeah, he cheated. Lol. They just can't prove it.

    Thank you for your comments. ^^

  3. My pleasure. World building is my second favorite part of the hobby, after actually playing.