Divine Item: Seducers' Bracelet

[You know... I really seem to be hit with random bouts of bad luck...]

The Seducers' Bracelet (aka the Lustful)

A silver band that wraps around the upper arm of its bearer. Shaped like two nude figures intertwined and cradling a rose-colored stone between them. The figures are that of a man and woman that appear to stare into each other's eyes.

Given to Victor Malage by the deity Eracae, the Seducers' Bracelet was a prized gift. It was made to assist mankind in their romantic and sexual exploits. Victor was what many considered a 'ladies' man' and his increased charm with the armlet landed him in trouble and the wrong end of a jealous suitor's sword. Legend has it that the armlet was confiscated by the Guard and hidden away in a noble's stash.

The armlet's abilities lay within the realm of seduction. The bearer of the armlet's physical appearance seems to be enhanced subtly and permanently, even after the armlet passes into another's possession. The bearer also gains insight into one's deepest desires. Any other abilities that the armlet may possess have been lost to the rumors of time.

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