20th Birthday

I turned 20 today. ^^ About damn time. Lol.



I got my third tattoo a few days ago. For my birthday comin' up. Since I was born on the cusp of leo and cancer, I got the symbols done on my back just under my neck. It kinda hurt, but thankfully wasn't too bad.



So, as soon as I came back from vacation my life became oddly... Occupied. I'd met someone before I left, kept talking to them. I just spent the past week with them and their sister and friends. Last night I got... Adopted, for lack of a better term, into their DnD group. XD

The group consisted of (characters, not actual players) a human cleric of Kord (who 's god is currently steadfastedly ignoring him), a human paladin of Kord (an unwilling party member), a very evil half-elf rogue (who is the party leader), a gay half-orc fighter, a half-orc barbarian named and fashioned after 'Don Vito' who is Bam Margera's uncle, a sexy cleric/monk vampire (who was 'kinda' a spy), and a 'faster-than-The-Flash little girl who looks human but soooo isn't. Then I come in, as a half-elf paladin of Pelor. Told by my god to join them in their quest, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Honestly, I think in the three or so hours we sat down to play last night, we only had about 20 minutes of actual play time. We really kept getting sidetracked. Most of what the conversations concerned would have rendered all but the most easy going people silent and shocked. And most of those 'conversations' were between me and the only other girl in the group. Needless to say, we had one Hell of a time.


Home at Last..

Just got home last night. I shall begin posting again here in the next day or so when things settle down.

The trip was great. Got to go swimming, hiking, and all kinds of sightseeing. I had a blast. Hopefully I can go back sometime soon. <3 I think my favorite part though, was kicking ass on Halo 3. XP


Happy Fourth!

I'm still out of town, but I should be home in a few days. Laters! ^^


A Vacation...

For me is coming up. I shall be leaving Monday and will be gone for roughly a week. It's kinda an early birthday present from a friend. Yeah. ^^ My 20th birthday is coming up. Can't wait. I'll be that much closer to not being left behind by my family and older friends when they go out, lol.

So yeah. I won't really be online after monday for a bit. I dunno how much internet access I shall be allowed.


No offense to you, Guys..

But men really suck sometimes. >< Well, at least younger men who can't hold their liquor. I played chaperone for my sister to the club again. I had issues with this drunk guy. Yes he hurt me, no I'm fine.

On another note, I'm borrowing something from a friend that may inhibit my online time for awhile. They're letting me borrow their Xbox 360 and Fable II. Fucking awesome. -^^-