A Vacation...

For me is coming up. I shall be leaving Monday and will be gone for roughly a week. It's kinda an early birthday present from a friend. Yeah. ^^ My 20th birthday is coming up. Can't wait. I'll be that much closer to not being left behind by my family and older friends when they go out, lol.

So yeah. I won't really be online after monday for a bit. I dunno how much internet access I shall be allowed.


No offense to you, Guys..

But men really suck sometimes. >< Well, at least younger men who can't hold their liquor. I played chaperone for my sister to the club again. I had issues with this drunk guy. Yes he hurt me, no I'm fine.

On another note, I'm borrowing something from a friend that may inhibit my online time for awhile. They're letting me borrow their Xbox 360 and Fable II. Fucking awesome. -^^-


NPC: Cherrie

[I just couldn't resist putting her up. She's my favorite character really.]


A small human girl of about 15 years stands before you. Her skin is darkly tanned and her hair blond. Her green eyes sparkle with some private joke. Her body is lean and fit, the body type that women can get only through hard exersise before their body fills out later in life. She's wearing a maroon shirt laced up the front, and dark brown leggings that fall just short of her knees. Adding to her height are gently heeled boots, again laced up the front. Her voice is confident and clear as she holds her hands in greeting and says, "Graven, adventurers. I am Cherrie Thyme."

Her class is that of Monk, and her race is human. She is a Traveler, the seabound gypsies. She is also a Seer, her skills inherited from her mother Lilly Tenri. She carries a longsword, but it is only for show and sometimes to hide her true skills.

[Note: 'Graven is a greeting/farewell in the Old Tongue.]




I had the outline done back in February, and juuust had the shading done.. Freaking hurts... I only said ow out loud twice though. Yay me. ^^

More Random Happenings...

My mom's birthday was this weekend. She got drunk for the first time in twenty years. Monday I nearly fainted (probably from the heat) and yesterday I had a massive allergy attack which I'm still slightly suffering from. If I was made into an actual DnD character... I'd have a really really low constitution score... Like 5 or something...


Divine Item: Seducers' Bracelet

[You know... I really seem to be hit with random bouts of bad luck...]

The Seducers' Bracelet (aka the Lustful)

A silver band that wraps around the upper arm of its bearer. Shaped like two nude figures intertwined and cradling a rose-colored stone between them. The figures are that of a man and woman that appear to stare into each other's eyes.

Given to Victor Malage by the deity Eracae, the Seducers' Bracelet was a prized gift. It was made to assist mankind in their romantic and sexual exploits. Victor was what many considered a 'ladies' man' and his increased charm with the armlet landed him in trouble and the wrong end of a jealous suitor's sword. Legend has it that the armlet was confiscated by the Guard and hidden away in a noble's stash.

The armlet's abilities lay within the realm of seduction. The bearer of the armlet's physical appearance seems to be enhanced subtly and permanently, even after the armlet passes into another's possession. The bearer also gains insight into one's deepest desires. Any other abilities that the armlet may possess have been lost to the rumors of time.

Divine Item: Saints' Girdle

[Ok. I'm in a terribly creative mood but I need to vent something first. A good venting, honest! My mother got a tattoo last night, on her left shoulder blade. Of a unicorn stuffy. That I drew! My little sister (aged 18) is a budding tattoo artist, and normally tattoos her own art on people. But that particular drawing I had done for mom on Mother's Day (she collects unicorns), last year. I was really happy that she liked my picture enough to get it tattooed on herself. And a real surprise that she trusted my sister enough to do it. Mind you, I'm not much of an artist. My talents are more in the area of writing... Except for the little animal things I do. But then, I worked hard to make them as cute as I could. End rant. Lol.]

The Saints' Girdle (aka the Blessed)

A snow-white belt of the softest leather, in its simplicity the Saints' Girdle is elegance personified (Er... Itemfied?). Around the edging is a thin silver thread that outlines the belt and gives it a distinctly unique feel. Centered on the front of the belt is a milky white stone that shines like an opal and is held down by a silver setting.

Given to Drianne Halcyonn by the god D'vicus himself, the Saints' Girdle was a prized gift. It was made so that even the worse of pain could be lessened amongst man. Drianne had been an admired cleric of the Temple, and rose to greater admiration with the abilities granted to her by the belt. Legend has it she passed it on to another, then disappeared into obscurity.

The belt's abilities lay within the realm of healing. The bearer of the belt's healing abilities are enhanced, allowing him or her to expend more energy than they previously could. In addition to this, the bearer possesses a sense of 'other worldliness' that catches the attention of any in the same room as him or her. If the belt has any other abilities, they are kept secret by the Temple and its denizens.

[Ok.. When I first came up with the name, it made me giggle. Immature, I know. But I couldn't help it! Girdle... *snickers*]

You know, I was right...

Writing up stuff on this blog has been very helpful. Not only do I get interesting questions and comments... But I have to make sure that what I present is thought out and interesting to others. In addition, I've had to think about some things while I'm typing them out and make adjustments where fitting.

Divine Item: Dreamers' Pipe

The Dreamers' Pipe (aka the Mentor)

A long, wooden pipe made of ash with a section that twists gracefully. Within the twisted portion of the pipe rests a prism-like stone. The intricate designs etched into the wood are careful and precise. The wood has been worn smooth by time and years of loving care.

Given to a wise man of the name T'balt by the god Remio himself, the Dreamers' Pipe was a prized gift. It was made so that the wonders of the Grand Library and the dream realm would be shared with mankind. T'balt was a shaman of some renown, and his ownership of the pipe hardly changed that. Legend has it that T'balt left the pipe in the care of his people when he passed away.

The pipe's abilities are tied to that of the dream realm. Smoking from the pipe allows one to enter the dream realm with intent, or allows access to the Grand Library and all of its knowledge. In addition to this, the actual bearer of the pipe can read and write any language, but not speak it. The pipe has several other abilities related to dreams and such.

Divine Item: Hermits' Companion

[Okay, so creative spurts coincide with insomnia.. That's not a major issue... Right?]

The Hermits' Companion (aka the Prophet)

A short ash wood staff, gnarled at the top, and bearing simplistic designs down its length. Nestled in the twisted top is a shiny black stone, hugged tightly in the wood as if it had grown up around it slightly. Where the hands of its owners have rested has been worn away by time to form a smooth grip.

Given to Miran by the god T'mdeu himself, the Hermits' Companion was a prized gift. It was made to grant the loneliest of hermits with some form of companionship. Miran, while well known amongst his people, was virtually unknown by the other races until he was gifted with the ash wood staff and its abilities. Legend has it that when Miran passed on, T'mdeu reclaimed the staff.

The staff's abilities relate to the gods themselves and Time. The bearer can 'see' the gods even when hiding in their physical forms and their 'footprints' left on people and places. The bearer is also the receiver of prophesies, and can commune with the spirits of the dead. Whispers of other abilities abound, but none but T'mdeu know the true extent of the staff's power.

Divine Item: Diplomats' Accord

The Diplomats' Accord (aka the Whisperer)

A silver ring with delicate etchings of wings and feathers in the band with a center piece stone of sunniest yellow. Indeed it seems to shine with the sun's light on occasion. Such a delicate looking ring, it does not appear to be made for human fingers.

Given to Larianna Davenport by the goddess Caema herself, the Diplomats' Accord was a prized gift. It was made so that one would help settle the disputes of the land between the many races and nations. Already widely known as a gentle and understanding soul, Larianna became even more well known as a respected diplomat and ambassador. Legend has it that Larianna died a quiet death amongst her people and the ring was buried with her.

The ring's abilities lay within the realms of communication and being. The bearer can communicate with any creature, so long as he or she believes they can. Whilst wearing it, the bearer can also allow themselves to fade into the background of a setting and become less noticeable. If the Diplomats' Accord has other abilities, knowledge of them died with Larianna.


Divine Item: Mages' Guide

[The good news is, I'm no longer sick. The bad news? I'm very sleep deprived.]

The Mages' Guide (aka The Guardian)

As plain as it is ancient, the Mages' Guide is a silver necklace. In the pendant hanging from the chain is a red stone, bound firmly by its silver caging. There is no clasp on the necklace, simply it is large enough to slip over one's head.

Given to Isha Delfry Magistire by the goddess Nefitia herself, the Mages' Guide was a prized gift. It was made to enhance a mage's capabilities, and provide protection when needed. Already a mage of some renown, Isha's knowledge of things Arcane and Ancient was furthered with the amulet's aid. Legend has it that she passed it on to her apprentice when he was ready, and so it has been passed since.

The necklace acts like a never full spell book, storing the knowledge of its previous owners. When 'searching' the contents, the owner must have some idea of their target. It can also have five spells set to fire at will (limited to low-med level spells). The necklace also has some fire-related abilities.


Lol... I never did introduce myself... Just realized that.

I'm doing this now simply because it'll bug me if I don't, especially since I realized that.

My name is Jessica, but most of my friends call me Meep or Meeps (nickname from highschool that never went away). I'm 19, soon to be 20! I'm in college, working on becoming an art teacher and eventually getting my PhD in Sociology. I have a pet cat named Mouse (ironic, yes) and a pet snake named Gemini. Oh, and occasionally a pet mouse when my snake doesn't eat it right away. I always name them Lucky...

I'm nerdy, obviously. But I'm a late comer to said nerdyness, before I was just a book-loving tomboy. I have six piercings and two tattoos, which no, have nothing to do with video games or rpgs. I've been told I'm horribly witty and sarcastic, which I suppose is another way of being told I'm a smartass with a smart mouth. Lol. Oh, and I've been told I don't look at all like a typical female nerd, aside from the glasses.

More on the Goth-y Club...

I think I'm getting dragged yet again this Sunday... Except, it seems, with all of my female family members... It will be me, my little sister, my mom, and two of my cousins (both girls)... That's going to be one Hell of a car ride... *sigh* Why me?


Divine Item: Thieves' Dagger

[Ok. Seriously. I am not made for such a social life. *physical and mental exhaustion*]

The Thieves' Dagger (aka the Seeker)

Rather unremarkable in appearance, the Thieves' Dagger is a simple-looking ceremonial blade. The blade, hilt, and handle are all one piece, as though someone created it from a mould. It is made entirely of silver. Set in the pommel is a blue stone, and the handle is wrapped in a white leather thong.

Given to Koryn Perinse by the god Erucor himself, the Thieves' Dagger was a prized gift. It was never made to harm another, but to act as a compass. An already infamous thief and leader of a group of rogues mockingly dubbed the 'Knights', Koryn's treasure trove and reputation grew to even greater heights with the aid of the Dagger. Legend has it that one day he asked the dagger to find what would make him happiest, and he walked off in the direction the Dagger led him, leaving his men and reputation behind him.

The dagger's abilities are somewhat limited by its wielder's imagination. It can act as a compass, holding the weapon out in front of you on the palm of your hand, willing it 'point' the way. It can also be used to scry by putting it in a bowl of water and concentrating on what you wish to 'find'. The dagger also has some water-related abilities.

[I know I said the stones themselves were what are most important, but the items as a whole are what is passed down in terms of knowledge and such.]


Damn and Blast...

Ok, so I'm not really feelin' that great. I have a pretty horrible head cold. But whether or not I'm feeling better tomorrow night... My sister is dragging me once again to the club. Does she think I enjoy it? T-T *mutters something about sisters* Anyways... Yeah. So don't be surprised if I come up bed-ridden.


God/dess Artifacts

They're a series of stones embedded into a variety of objects, one for every god and goddess. Each has a different color assigned to them as well. The corresponding colors, deity, and object are as follows...

T'mdeu- Black- Ashwood Staff
Matromni- Green- Silver Caging (decorated with leaves of ivy)
Erucor- Blue- Silver Dagger
H'sria- Violet- [undecided]
Nefitia- Red- Silver Amulet
D'vicus- White- White Leather Belt
Caema- Yellow- Silver Ring
Eracae- Pink- Silver Armlet
Remio- Clear (think prisms, though)- Ashwood Peace Pipe
Felus- Gold- Silver Diadem
Argentis- Silver- Silver Hammer

Oranne- Light Blue- Ashwood Harp
Ry'monn- Dark Red (Maroon?)- [undecided]
Thorn- Light Green- Pendant
Gera- Lavender- Choker
Zeke- Grey- [undecided]
Sifiro- Shimmer (think Opal)- [undecided]
Mirilo- Blue-Black- [undecided]
Myron- Orange- Right Earring
Camri- Cream- Left Earring
Jude- Brown- Silver Flask


After Many Random Happenings...

[Which includes going to the goth club, being kidnapped to a friend's house an hour south of here, taking a chunk out of one of my toes (I trippped over a f*cking brick), swimming twice, going home for a night, then getting kidnapped again but to a friend's house an hour north this time, going to the goth club again, and finally getting home last night...

I am soooo ready to stay home for the next week or so. Never again will I complain of being stuck at home with nothing to do. ><


The basis of my DnD campaign is actually derived from a story I've been writing. I won't go in to detail on that in particular, mostly because it's still in the makings. But one idea in the story is that each god and goddess in my pantheon created an item as a sort of 'gift' to the world. These items are what set off the story line in my writings, and I kind of want to do something similar in my campaign.

Potential Issues I See...

-jealousy over a person having one? (sadly each item has two requirements to use, unique to each item. I don't see all the players being able to use one.)

-item over powering? (I've been tweaking around with each item, trying to find things that work and are special, but don't make it too powerful.)

-players not recognizing the item for its origin and possibly selling? (easily fixed by a knowledgable person, but then comes in the greed and such... Hmmm... Plot line? Lol...)

-players fighting eachother over it? (I really don't want that to happen, but I see it as a possibility. Of course... They're all old enough and should act like adults... ><)


Plans Interrupted...

I wound up getting kidnapped to yet another friend's house. Sooo... That's why no updates. But as soon as I get home, I'll do it. Lol. Oh, and I got dragged to that goth club again. Only this time I had more fun. And I went in jeans with an off the shoulder shirt and a fedora. With boots.